Under the "Many Worlds of Planet X" banner,  a new Solar System of Media Brands and Channels will be announced and launched in 2024 ... leading to Planet X's well earned 30th Anniversary in 2025 (with a year of celebration & key events).

With its new corporate umbrella entity soon, 4POV, LLC. --  the primary focus of the Planet X Roster of media brands and programming is to devoted to inspire and engage today's youth to take on global challenges!

4POV (as in "Four Points of VIew" - being Mind, Body, Spirit & World) will be key theme in all programming, campaigns, events and themes for its young viewers.

The following shows represents a cross section of nearly 30 years of Planet X TV programming from around the world and that are on the PXN digital TV service.

The following web links will provide hundreds of Planet X TV programs in various formats over the years including the new Planet X Network with below link.‚Äč

The First Wave of New Planet X Programming will be a full imersion of special music TV projects from live concerts with a message to innovative programs like "She Rocks the Planet", "Filam Rocks" and of course, the flagship, "Planet X Rocks".


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